About Us

      We are dedicated to helping runners and want to champion community through athletics while fostering its power to transform lives. Whether it is race timing, designing seamless logistics procedures, thinking up ways to make a competition unique, or integrating an event into the local running scene, we are always learning how to use our passion and experience more effectively.

About the Owner:
Joshua Deaton  ::  JoshuaDeaton@gogorunning.com;  (706) 206-8545

Deaton profile (low-res)

     An avid water drinker and Nalgene connoisseur, Joshua is passionate about community found through running. Deaton started off his professional career raising cows during his first few years of life in the double digits. After his experience in managing ruminant weed eaters, he moved on from Athens, GA to attend Rhodes College where he was often seen running in Memphis and competing for the Lynx Cross Country and Track teams. 

     While studying at Rhodes, Deaton had the opportunity to interview, story tell, and produce video media content for the college’s communications office. He also spent time in East Africa researching the role of Ugandan Athletics (what the U.S. calls running) in community and national development.

     After brief forays in the media industry, the running retail market, and grading standardized essays, Joshua began creating a national race series for Chick-fil-A. Once the series was up and moving along, he started with GoGo Racing where he now develops races by day and trains for his own at night.