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  • GoGo Racing is proud to utilize ChronoTrack Systems as its timing device. ChronoTrack RFID Electronic timing system and its disposable timing tags (that can be attached to race numbers, shoes, bicycles, etc.) is used by twenty-five of the nation’s thirty largest races in addition to many of the largest races in 35 countries across the globe.


  • Its hardware and software solutions for race directors and timing partners alike provide the most comprehensive set of timing, race management, and live race services available. In addition to customizing the race for each registrant and improving participant communication, our systems simplify registration, facilitate tag distribution, and reduce the number of volunteers needed.


  • ChronoTrack’s accuracy and reliability leads the fitness industry. It is powerful and flexible enough to serve the largest races in the world while simultaneously helping even the smallest of neighborhood 5k’s. The introduction of ChronoTrack Live supports races from registration through results designed to provide comprehensive solutions for the event organizer. Built with the athlete in mind, Chronotrack used the first disposable race tag so athletes didn’t have to worry about returning a tag or getting charged, and created one central platform to streamline athlete’s registration, bib pick-up and on-site registration experience, and deliver real-time results that are easily shared with social networks.


        ChronoTrack Live Overview Video
        ChronoTrack Live In-Depth Overview Video