Videos & Documents

Here you can find informational videos, and downloads to facilitate participant communication.  This is the kind of stuff your race planning committee might appreciate being able to skim. 


B-Tag Information
B-Tag Directions PDF
How to wear Your Race Number

D-Tag Information
5 x 7 Expo Signage PDF
Bike Application Directions PDF
Shoe Application Directions PDF
Shoe Application Directions Video

ChronoTrack Live Information
ChronoTrack Live Overview Video
ChronoTrack Security Info
CT-Live Sponsor Opportunities
Overview on Services Using Chronotrack
Overview on Chronotrack Registration Platform

Paper Registration Examples
Double sided Flyer/Reg form
Single Sided Example
Single Sided Example 2

Customer Product Review Videos
Ferguson Twilight Run
Girls on the Run: St. Louis
GO! St. Louis