The staff at GoGo Racing have managed over 80 races and timed, coordinated, volunteered, or run in more than we can count. Whether it is a local 5k, high school cross country race, or major Marathon, we love the racing scene. And, in an effort to make it even better, we offer two main services.

Race Timing:

  • Our Goal: Give every race the opportunity to provide the industry’s best available services to their participants.
  • Philosophy: There are a few equipment and logistics aspects that we believe are standard to every good race. We also know that securing such details before the day can be tricky and seems to always create unnecessary stress. So, we want to make the tools needed to reach those standards readily available.
  • Concept: We provide equipment and expertise (race timing equipment and personnel, finish line aesthetics, course and traffic materials, tables, tents, coolers, sound system, etc.), you decide how to maximize it’s impact.
  • Contract: Includes a standard base cost to cover equipment plus a small charge per runner.


Race Management:

  • Our Goal: Develop excellent races that truly benefit the local running community while also serving as an efficient and effective fund-raising method for charities.
  • Philosophy: Sometimes, innovative individuals notice an opportunity unobserved by others and realize that letting it slip by would help no one. The Peachtree Road Race and Boston Marathon both started with such an idea, and we have fun helping good opportunities become great community races.
  • Concept: We help you plan, organize, and delegate; you construct a team capable of producing the finished product.
  • Contract: Depending on the agreement, the organizer can choose to pay a coaching fee or decide to split profits.