Online Registration

responsive registration

Simple and intuitive registration that works for you

   We’ve experienced the hassle of using 3rd party registration options and the struggle of creating our own, and it wasn’t exactly fun or easy on the time schedule. So, we want to help you avoid that struggle by setting up and organizing the registration process for you. In other words, now you get to spend more time on actually making the race better.

   In addition to lightening your workload, we are confident that the arrangement will increase your capabilities and improve the experience for everyone involved.

   It is a robust registration system that can: set participation maximums, enable teams, set price phases, age limits, manage coupons and discounts, set questions based on certain registration choices, age groups, gender, capture additional data, or sell additional products, send branded e-mails to participants and see response statistics, allow athletes to switch themselves from one race to another, paperless on-site registration and bib assignment.

   The software facilitates instantaneous online results, on-site results, mobile results social media athlete updates, engaging, interactive, and searchable results profile for each individual -with photography, video, overall, gender, age rank, etc.

   In addition to the perks and features seen above, your runners will also get the benefit of a system that is easier to use, saves their information for the next time they register, reduces the time they spend in line on race day, and they can enjoy a lower processing fee for online credit card transactions.

From the main dashboard you can set and control all key event details, create races, participation maximums, enable teams and more.
Manage registration choices including price phases, age limits, payment options, team options and more.
Set up, manage and track coupon usage.
Manage questions and questions groups, allowing certain questions to be shown only to registration choices, age ranges or genders. Questions allow you to capture any type of data as well as sell additional products.
From the athlete tab you can view and manage athletes, import or add athletes, assign bibs and more.
Team management provides the flexibity to take team registrations by various types and provide multiple payment options.
Send custom branded emails from the system to individuals in your event or from lists that you import.
Flexible solutions to for race directors or athletes to manage race upgrades, downgrades and deferrals.
On-site registration forms provide flexibility with custom questions and confirmation options as well as ability to do race check in, registration, bib assignment or all of it.
Standard and custom reports are available to give you up to the minute information on your event and revenue.