Event Management


  •    Whether your race is getting bigger every year or if it is still just an idea, we love helping teams create excellent races that benefit everyone involved. Whether you are a first time race director or a veteran, we are here to help.


Here’s how we help  

   Think of us as a coach who does some of the workouts for you. Need help creating a course? Done. Want to know how many shirts you will need? Done. If you are an experienced race director, we are here to help you develop and improve the event. However, even if you know nothing about races but have to do one anyway, we will make sure you and your team knows what’s coming and knows how to handle it.


The Race Director Contract  

   If you feel like a pro at actually directing races, but could use a solid team member to help your team stay organized, then give us a call. We’ll talk through what sort of partnership would work best and how we can help each other take your race to a higher level.



   Experienced race directors can benefit from this plan as well, but it will be especially helpful for less experienced teams. We will help you organize the to-do sheet, coach you and your team on best practices, and help get you vendor discounts on things like shirts.


Topics you might want help with:  

      *How much do races cost anyway
      *Navigating the permit process
      *Course and event footprint design
      *Add value with sponsorships
      *Event set-up and volunteer delegation/communication
      *Awards & age categories
      *How to set up water stations
      *Ways to make the race uniquely attractive to the hardcore runners and weekend walkers alike