Race Number Recycling

   We recycle our bibs and every time you give back your number, we get to help a child run for free!

bib recycling runners

How does it work?

1. Run the race

2. Head back toward the Results or Registration area

3. Remove your safety pins and drop the number in the bib recycling container


Are there limitations?

– If the numbers are returned in great shape, we might use the same number for another race. The money saved by re-using that number will go towards providing a full entry for a child at one of our designated races (that means they get the t-shirt and everything!)

– If the number is returned in less than stellar condition, we can still usually re-use the number. In this case, the number will be given away to a child at one of our designated races so that they can run and compete for awards even if they won’t necessarily be given a t-shirt.

– If your number has a bent timing tag or is too crumpled to use again, we won’t re-use it, but we can still recycle it the regular old fashioned way for you!


Race Directors:

– If you are a race director and would like to give away free entries to children at your race, give us a heads up and we will see what we can do.