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Tired of running around looking for extra tables? 

   We have a trailer full of race equipment and like to see it used well. Let us know how we can help. If you sign up for one our standard timing contracts, we’ll go ahead and bring some of those resources along with our timing equipment. The list below indicates what can often be expected, but must be confirmed 1 month prior to race day. While we often provide the equipemtn free of charge, it is treated as a rental and thus Event directors are responsible for set-up, use, and pack-up of any equipment used.
     * Additional event equipment outside of this basic list is available with varying fees. (availability depends on race date)


A. Overhead Finish Line Set-up
      1. Generic Finish banners and arch
           *(second arch is available, but with no banners provided)
     2. Race Clock

B. Course and Crowd Amenities
      1. Up to 300 cones
      2. 5 folding tables & 15 chairs
      3. 4 pop-up tents
      4. 5 five-gallon water jugs
      5. 3 Chromebooks to facilitate registration, results, or announcer functions

C. Sound System
      1. Two speakers (possible to separate speakers and use 1 with corded mic and i-pod)
      2. 2 wireless mics and 1 corded mic
      3. 1 four channel mixer and music playlist
      4. 1 generator to power timing and sound systems